So here is my very first post.

After setting up my blog I got a little stuck. What am I going to write about?

What is this “LIVING THE DREAM” blog all about?

Well, let me take you on a journey. Have you ever dreamed about something and transformed your dream into reality? I bet you have! Just think about your last desire for a special meal.

You thought about it, cooked it or went to have it in a restaurant. So you dreamed it and later you fulfilled and lived your dream. This all sounds quite simple, but there are many people on our planet already struggling to fulfil their basic needs today, let alone dream. The latest news on India showed that some places are running out off water, and a few hundred km away from them others are drowning in unprecedented flooding. And whether you like it or not, even in New Zealand where I currently live, there are thousands of families struggling to afford enough food to eat, let alone to fulfil on any dreams they may have.

I recently heard a mother say “Struggling is the new norm !”.

So what’s wrong with this picture?

At the same time there are thousands of SUV’s and brand new Pick Up Trucks driving through the country. Whether those people used cheap credit to get them or whether they were on the lucky side of the housing crisis, no one knows, and no one asks, either. But if you are somewhat aware, watching through the illusions that are portrayed on mainstream media, you can watch both situations (rich and poor) happening simultaneously by adjusting your point of view.

So most readers here will probably live quite comfortably. Why? Because you have time to read and you obviously have a device so you can read this and you can afford internet access.

So welcome to my blog and let me invite you to participate.

Here are some questions you might want to engage in.

How would you enjoy living your life free from ‘having to’s’ ? Let’s say, you don’t have to do anything! You don’t need to have a job, you don’t need money, you only do what you love doing and at the same time your basic human needs are met. Sound too good to be true?

Yes, maybe. But what if this is a dream that can be transformed into reality? Would you like this kind of life? Just imagine sleeping as long as you like because you don’t need to get up to drive your car through a traffic jam to an office and sit or do physical work all day so you can pay for the house that you are living in and afford food for yourself or your family and save up for your holidays that you desperately need to relax from all the stresses of your day to day life.

The reason why humans don’t live this ‘paradise-like dream’ is because of ‘the system’.

I won’t write about how we ended up here. There are endless articles and books about the history of humans that include the industrial revolution and the creation of money.

But I’d like to write about and share my dream. My dream about reversing the system or changing it completely to a healthy sustainable way of living in peace and harmony and the end of money and economic growth!


Well, it’s 2019 and things like inequality, pollution and climate change are daily reality more than ever before in the history of our planet. Children are protesting and politicians are campaigning, but the devil sits fat and happy at the top of our economic system. So why not dream up a new way of living?

Feel free to comment and maybe share your dream with me.